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Security versus compatibility and functionality. Is removing features a new course for Microsoft?
Published on February 22, 2005 By Adam Najmanowicz In Software Development

Last week it has been brought to my attention that Blog Navigator can no longer post web articles. Alas, this was only a symptom of a much worse disease, but first things first...

This month in a noble effort of making the Windows platform more secure for us and our (perhaps future) kids Microsoft rolled out a new set of updates, among which is this one innocently called MS05-013 and located in Microsoft Knowledge Base under a mysterious KB891781.

You will find more about the update and the horror it caused among the programmers using the control affected by the update on usenet, posts as this and this are only small sample of the damage. It seems that MS broke quite a few programs while making us more safe.

The effect, saying it bluntly is: IDHTMLEdit has been made useless and Blog Navigator fallen prey to that change.

Since IDHTMLEdit is simply a wrapper around MSHTML editor, I've examined quite a few approaches and some existing libraries, to fix the issue as fast and with as little modifications to the existing code as possible. After a day of hunting around and testing the existing approaches I've decided that if I want to retain the control over my code and keep it at a reasonable size, I need to do it myself.

Below is my simplistic (and working) approach to migrating from DHTML Editing Component to MSHTML editor (for Delphi programmers).

  1. I use a TEmbeddedWB as the web browser control wrapper as it offers quite a bit additional functionality. I'm assuming you use that instead of the TWebbrowser as well. If you're not, it'a not a big problem to extract the functionalty you will need here.
  2. In the DhtmlEdit you operate on the DOM structure and that's the interface the control does not allow you to access any loger and the change thaat makes it useless. The TWebBrowser offers a Document IDispatch which you can cast on IHTMLDocument2. This is exactly the structure you were working on before.
  3. Now the browser control itself does not offer the ExecCommand(...) functionality. but not all is lost. when you get to the IHTMLDocument2 interface as described before, you can pretty much do anythng you were doing before by calling its execCommand.
  4. You can also pull ann the formatting data from it by querrying it with its: queryCommandEnabled, execCommand, queryCommandIndeterm, queryCommandState, queryCommandSupported, queryCommandText and queryCommandValue methods.
  5. Now the problem is that IDHTMLEdit used numeric values while the Document requires you to use strings. The simplest method is to use a translating table which is what I did:
  TMSHtmlCommandTranslation = array [DECMD_BOLD .. DECMD_PROPERTIES] of WideString;
  MSHtmlCommandTranslation : TMSHtmlCommandTranslation = (
  'Bold',               //DECMD_BOLD = $00001388;
  '',                   //
  'Copy',               //DECMD_COPY = $0000138A;
  'Cut',                //DECMD_CUT = $0000138B;
  'Delete',             //DDECMD_DELETE = $0000138C;
  '',                   //DDECMD_DELETECELLS = $0000138D;
  '',                   //DDECMD_DELETECOLS = $0000138E;
  '',                   //DDECMD_DELETEROWS = $0000138F;
  'Find',               //DDECMD_FINDTEXT = $00001390;
  'FontName',           //DDECMD_FONT = $00001391;
  '',                   //DDECMD_GETBACKCOLOR = $00001392;
  '',                   //DDECMD_GETBLOCKFMT = $00001393;
  '',                   //DDECMD_GETBLOCKFMTNAMES = $00001394;
  '',                   //DDECMD_GETFONTNAME = $00001395;
  'FontSize',           //DDECMD_GETFONTSIZE = $00001396;
  '',                   //DDECMD_GETFORECOLOR = $00001397;
  'CreateLink',         //DDECMD_HYPERLINK = $00001398;
  'InsertImage',        //DDECMD_IMAGE = $00001399;
  'Indent',             //DDECMD_INDENT = $0000139A;
  '',                   //DDECMD_INSERTCELL = $0000139B;
  '',                   //DDECMD_INSERTCOL = $0000139C;
  '',                   //DDECMD_INSERTROW = $0000139D;
  '',                   //DDECMD_INSERTTABLE = $0000139E;
  'Italic',             //DDECMD_ITALIC = $0000139F;
  'JustifyCenter',      //DDECMD_JUSTIFYCENTER = $000013A0;
  'JustifyLeft',        //DDECMD_JUSTIFYLEFT = $000013A1;
  'JustifyRight',       //DDECMD_JUSTIFYRIGHT = $000013A2;
  '',                   //DDECMD_LOCK_ELEMENT = $000013A3;
  '',                   //DDECMD_MAKE_ABSOLUTE = $000013A4;
  '',                   //DDECMD_MERGECELLS = $000013A5;
  'InsertOrderedList', //DDECMD_ORDERLIST = $000013A6;
  'Outdent',            //DDECMD_OUTDENT = $000013A7;
  'Paste',              //DDECMD_PASTE = $000013A8;
  'Redo',               //DDECMD_REDO = $000013A9;
  '',                   //DDECMD_REMOVEFORMAT = $000013AA;
  'SelectAll',          //DDECMD_SELECTALL = $000013AB;
  '',                   //DDECMD_SEND_BACKWARD = $000013AC;
  '',                   //DDECMD_BRING_FORWARD = $000013AD;
  '',                   //DDECMD_SEND_BELOW_TEXT = $000013AE;
  '',                   //DDECMD_BRING_ABOVE_TEXT = $000013AF;
  '',                   //DDECMD_SEND_TO_BACK = $000013B0;
  '',                   //DDECMD_BRING_TO_FRONT = $000013B1;
  '',                   //DDECMD_SETBACKCOLOR = $000013B2;
  '',                   //DDECMD_SETBLOCKFMT = $000013B3;
  'FontName',           //DDECMD_SETFONTNAME = $000013B4;
  'FontSize',           //DDECMD_SETFONTSIZE = $000013B5;
  'ForeColor',          //DDECMD_SETFORECOLOR = $000013B6;
  '',                   //DDECMD_SPLITCELL = $000013B7;
  'Underline',          //DDECMD_UNDERLINE = $000013B8;
  'Undo',               //DDECMD_UNDO = $000013B9;
  'Unlink',             //DDECMD_UNLINK = $000013BA;
  'InsertUnorderedList',//DDECMD_UNORDERLIST = $000013BB;
  '');                  //DECMD_PROPERTIES = $000013BC;

I store the command values as the controls Tags so now instead of calling:


I simply call:


where the FDocument is the IHTMLDocument2 DOM document I extracted from the TWebBrowser for the sake of not having to cast it each time I use it. and instead of:


I can now use:


this allowed me to migrate away from DHTML Editing Component within one day after shunning all other options).

One thing that was pretty indispensible for DHTML Editing Component was that it called me back evary time a blok formatting was changed, it had this useful OnDisplayChanged event which was summoned every time the UI needed updating. That's where TEmbeddedWB comes handy it implements a

function UpdateUI: HRESULT; stdcall;

which than triggers the OnUpdateUI event, which for our needs does exactly the save what the OnDisplayChanged event did. so you can simply call your previous OnDisplayChanged event with the numerical querries remapped to strings and... with minimal effort you have your control fully migrated to the MSHTML editor.

So... this post is the first post made with the updated Blog Navigator with its poat editong brought back to normal functionality.

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on Feb 22, 2005
Wow! I actually didn't understand anything you said except that Blog Navigator wasn't posting before and now it is. I heard a quote once (can't remember who said it) that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. You are, in my world view, a magician. Thanks for all your hard work on this!
on Feb 22, 2005
Awesome work Adam. Now just waiting for the update to show in SDC .
on Feb 22, 2005
ok... I was wondering what happened.

Thanks for the info!!!
on Feb 22, 2005
oh and the code... fabulous@@@@!!!!!
on Feb 22, 2005
Well that made my head hurt...
on Feb 22, 2005
ok... I'm waiting too... for the update that is.

Unless you can give us a linky-link
on Feb 23, 2005
Translator! Translator! My kingdom for a translator!

on Feb 23, 2005
Translator! Translator! My kingdom for a translator!

They broke, he fixed it - and in the fullness of time we can all download it.
on Feb 23, 2005
and in the fullness of time we can all download it

Hope that fullness comes soon! I have been missing using Blog Navigator.
on Feb 23, 2005
on Feb 25, 2005

Is it ready? Life is really much easier with it than without.
on Feb 27, 2005
Oh, I just thought of a new addition to blog navigator... power bloging. Post to multipule sites at the same time.

I guess you can sort of do that now...

on Feb 27, 2005
Are you okay JoeK? You're looking a little green.
on Feb 27, 2005
. I heard a quote once (can't remember who said it) that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic

if you happen to recall it, id be really interested in the source. for some time, one of my stock responses to those who express awe or confusion in the face of any aspect of computer technology has been 'hey, this ain't science, it's magic.'

if it turns out to be someone even halfway respectable, ill initiate legal action immediately.
on Feb 27, 2005
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