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Published on February 22, 2004 By Adam Najmanowicz In Life Journals
18th of Fedruary 2004 at 0:10 A.M. our family has been enriched with yet another member.

By the time she entered our realm, Zuzanna (Susie) Najmanowicz weighted 3400 grams and was 54 centimeters tall.
I wonder if tall is a right word here, long perhaps, she won't be standing any time soon .

The only trouble I'm into now is the Women/Men ratio for our family now beeing up to 3/1!

Having spent 2 nights at home we already cannot imagine living without her any longer.

You can reach her at susie AT najmanowicz DOT com

There is also a something incredibly mystic about Susie. I didn't realize it immediately and I still really do not know what to think about it, but...

Over a month ago, after an extensive period of fight, died a very close aunt of mine, my godmother and a very close friend, Janka Najmanowicz. She paid an incredible amount of time and heart in helping to raise me and was a major contributor to my happy childhood. Now you may call it a coincident, but she was born 18th of February 1947 - exactly the same day of year Susie did. If this is a coincidence, then it trully is an extraordinary, and fortunate one.

on Feb 22, 2004
Oh so adorable!
on Feb 23, 2004
Wow, congrats Adam! And now to make some use of my native tongue...Adam, najserdeczniejsze gratulacje! Zycze Tobie i malej jak najwiecej szczescia, oby wyrosla na piekna i madra dziewczyne (jak jej tatus)